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  • Avaya Credential Management Access Alert

    Please note that in March 2022 the Avaya Credential Management System is being migrated to a new platform and access to this, the current, site ceases on 30 April 2022. The new Avaya Credential Management System is accessible at https://avaya.useclarus.com from the 24 March 2022. Please visit the news section of Avaya Learning Center for more information on the Avaya Credential Management System Migration and the transition plan.

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    The Avaya Professional Credential Program

    The Avaya Professional Credential Program is designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills to successfully sell, design, implement and maintain Avaya products and solutions that exceed customer expectations. The Avaya Credential Management System maintains Avaya credential/test transcripts, tracks progress towards earning Avaya credentials and provides access to associated certificates and logos.

    Important Information Profile Alignment:

    An Avaya Credential Management System (CMS) Account is automatically established for a student when their first Online Test or Proctored Exam record is sent to the Avaya CMS. An email notification is issued with additional information on how to access the Avaya CMS and establish their password.

    Avaya Learning Center profile information will automatically flow to the Avaya CMS whenever a change to your Avaya Learning Center profile is made.

    Students completing Proctored Exams will need to continue to ensure profile alignment between the Avaya Learning Center and the Pearson VUE Testing System. When updating profile information it is important to remember that the First Name, Last Name and Email Address match exactly across the Avaya Learning Center and Pearson VUE Testing System. For further information download the Avaya CMS User Guide.

    For complete information on the Avaya Professional Credential Program visit the Avaya Learning Center.