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Candidate ID Agreement
Welcome to the Nurse Aides North Carolina Credentials Management System for Certification and Licensing.

As a first time user of this web site, we want to inform you of the steps required to set up an account and to emphasize the importance of keeping your contact information current.

After reviewing and agreeing to these terms, you will be taken to the "New Registration - Candidate Record" page to begin the account creation process by filling in personal information such as email address, company name and Partner Company (if this is pre-populated, please verify it is correct, if not simply change it to the correct partner company) and all the required fields or to the "Edit Personal Information" page to add or verify the Partner Company and complete all the required fields.

New users to the system will be issued a candidate ID and directed to complete the account activation process.

Be sure to keep all of your contact information current through the "Update Personal Info" link in order to ensure we can contact you as necessary (i.e. important emails, certification achievement kits).

Additionally, it's a good practice to occasionally log in to your account to, among other things, review your certification progress; manage notifications you may or may not want to receive; review program requirements; audit your account history and familiarize yourself with new features that are periodically implemented.

Through your account you can also log incidents; communicate with customer support; and publish your certifications to potential employers.

Clicking any of the links below simply acknowledges that you reviewed this information - it does not constitute any agreements of participation in the North Carolina Nurse Aides program.

If you already have a Pearson account, simply link to the Login page by clicking the "I agree to these terms and have a candidate ID and username" and either directly log in or go through the Password Recovery process.

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If you do not agree to these terms, simply close out or leave this browser page.